Valley Road House

The brief was a tool to experiment with new typologies of Architecture for a specific South African climate, where the word 'climate' encompasses physical, social and economic aspects. The project is viewed as an "estate" first and then as a building in the landscape. It is opposed to "theming" and animation. Rather, it is formed on the basic requirements of its inhabitants and environment.

The house responds to the moods of its inhabitants as it opens and shuts sometimes manually, sometimes electronically. It allows itself to be internalised and shut off from the world, but can also be very social and open. Cutting into the landscape allows the bedroom to be most private and quiet, with level access to the ridge. The other rooms all face the courtyard and the north view. The kitchen is the heart of the house and courtyard. It serves both office and home and is also the casual meeting place of visitors. The walls of the courtyard are transparent and movable, encouraging contact and interaction between the two components of the home.